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    Requesting Adminship

    January 1, 2015 by Kitanai

    Hey, I'm so sorry if this looks like an awkward post here and I feel I really do not need to be asking for this in a blog but I so far can't find the founder or any admins on this wikia whatsoever.

    I feel this wiki is abandoned and needs a throughout cleanup and the last time I've been editing on this wiki, (which was as far as September - almost 3 to 4 months ago from now) only one single edit has been made by anyone else and said user was just an anon.

    I've done a lot of edits on here and I kind of had to go offline on Wikia due to holiday stuff and school work, but I really want to come back here and request an adminship so I can clean this place up and make it look spiffy and polished and hopefully get more contributors if I can. If this…

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