Uranium image
A normal sprite of Uranim.
Vital statistics
Title Uranim
Gender Male
Race Cyborg
Faction Unknown
Health 30
Level Unknown
Status Boss
Location Planet Automaton

Uranim is a boss in the game Ristar.


Uranim is a tough cyborg warrior built by Inonis.


He is a state-of-the-art cyborg with supreme battle skills. This killer machine can dispatch almost any opponent with his charge punches and ricochet-dashes. Enraged, he can hurl extremely destructive energyballs, obliterating everything in front of him.


Because of his size and slow nature, he can be hit many times, this is a good thing, because his health is the highest of any boss in the game!

When he gets exausted and falls to the floor, Inonis will use his claw to attack Ristar, however, Ristar can deflect it and make them harm Uranim himself.


  • Uranim's energy ball attack is based off of Ryu's Hadouken from the Street Fighter series.