Ristar final

Title Screen

Ristar: The Shooting Star (or simply Ristar) is an action/adventure platforming game released in 1995 for the Sega Genesis and Game Gear, in 2006 for Wii Virtual Console and in 2010 for PC on Steam, developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega.                



Ristar was originally going to be called "Feel!", including a different character with a similar appearance to Ristar, one of the differences being the lack of the star-shaped body. Feel would also have Sonic the Hedgehog-like shoes, but they were later changed to the thunderbolt design.

One of the usable passwords in Ristar is "FEEL", which is a hint to this prototype version.



The gameplay is very different from the classic Sonic games. Ristar attacks by grabbing the enemies with his long arms from either a close or mid-range, and then headbutting them. Ristar's arms can also be used to ride spinners, which are used to move to one location and the other or access some hidden Bonus Areas. They are also used to climb walls, swing across poles and even find bonuses by banging on some walls a few times.


The game takes place at a far away system of planets known as the Valdi System, which has been attacked by an evil tyrant, named Kaiser Greedy as he has forced the leaders of the planets to do his bidding, enslave the people and captured the legendary hero, while he watches from Castle Greedy. A desperate plea for help has been made. Soon, it has been answered by the legendary hero's son, Ristar. The game begins at this moment, as Ristar is sent to Planet Flora to begin his adventure. Ristar must fight Greedy's minions throughout all 6 planets and restore the leaders.

Ristar eventually rescues all 6 planets and flies off to Castle Greedy to finish Greedy off once and for all. He manages to defeat him and escapes the castle in time. In the JP version of the game, after the credits, you will see Greedy and two of his minions, Inonis and Uranim, on some sort of moon. An image of Ristar appears and Greedy simply stares at it. In the US version of the game, Ristar is seen flying to his father's arms, who is finally free.