Ristar's Father is a minor character in the game Ristar. However, he only appears in the American Sega Genesis version of the game.


Ristar's father was the hero of the Valdi System, but was trapped by Kaiser Greedy, which left Ristar as the only hope for the system.

At the end of the game, Ristar is shown to reuinite with his father.

Papa de ristar

Ending Screen


Nothing is known about Ristar's father's appearance. Only his arms are seen.


  • Ristar's father is the hero of the Valdi System, however he was trapped by Greedy and his son, Ristar, was the only hope for the system.
  • In Japanese and the Game Gear version, Ristar's father is not mentioned at all.
  • He is mentioned at the beginning of the game as a 'Legendary Hero' and appears in place of Oruto.

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