Riho image
A sprite of Riho's true self.
Vital statistics
Title Riho
Gender Male
Race Monkey
Faction Black Orb
Health 3
Level planet flora
Status Boss
Location Planet Flora/Neer

Riho is an enemy in Ristar. He is the first boss of the game.


He appears in the opening, scaring some of the Flora Denizens.


Riho is the first boss in the game. he is on Planet Flora. He has the ability of possession and possesses the Planet Elder, using his attacks against Ristar. When defeated, Riho turns into his unarmored Black Orb state and bounces off of the screen.


There are two strategies:

Strategy 1: Attacking the Planet Elder until Riho falls off, then attack Riho.

Strategy 2: When the battle begins, keep attacking the Planet Elder. When Riho comes down, move close to him and attack, keep attacking the Planet Elder to stay on and repeat until he is defeated.


  • In Act 2 near the end of the stage when the lights dim, Riho can be seen tossing pink pinecone like objects at Ristar in the background.
  • When Riho is not on the Planet Elder's back, the Elder has a suprised, confused facial expression that confirms he is being controlled.
  • The Riho's body have one Black Orb.

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