Planet Automaton is the sixth level in Ristar. It has an industrial theme.

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Description Edit

The drastic changes in this planet's appearance and ecology are the result of years of Greedy's research and exploitation. All natural resources have been depleted, and the whole world is a giant mechanical labyrinth designed for only one purpose... This planet is where the research into the Black Hole techonology is being conducted by Inonis and Uranim. As a result, the gravity can dissapear! This planet is run and organized by the robots. And many are on guard since the news arrived of the attacks on the other planets by a mysterious rising star! It is unknown what happened after Ristar left the planet, but it most likely blew up.

If Ristar is left idle long enough in this world, he will go into an animation where he puts his hand on his forehead as if attempting to see something very far away.

Inhabitants Edit