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Oruto image
A sprite of Oruto in the cutscene that ocurrs in the beginning of the game.
Vital statistics
Title Oruto
Gender Female
Race Shooting Star
Faction Unknown
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Star Goddess
Location Valdi System

Oruto is the Star Goddess and Ristar's possible mother.


She summons Ristar for a plead to save the planets in the Valdi System


  • Strangely, she did not appear in the Western versions of the Genesis version of Ristar and instead, a "Legendary Hero" protected the Valdi System and was captured. She does, however, appear in the Gamegear version of the game.
  • Due to her sprite being green, her true colours have never been shown. However, her colours have been speculated:
  • Oruto image

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