Ohsat image
A sprite of Ohsat preparing to attack
Vital statistics
Title Ohsat
Gender Male
Race Hammerhead Shark
Faction Unknown
Health 4
Level Unknown
Status Boss
Location Planet Undertow/Leatow

Ohsat is an enemy in Ristar.


Ohsat is a purple and blue hammerhead (shark) who invaded the Water Control Room of Planet Undertow and is causing the waters to raise and lower at random times.


Ohsat is the boss of Planet Undertow, he is the second boss encountered.


He will begin by appearing next to you. This is a good chance to strike him. He will also slam into the walls in the background, causing rocks to fall into the water where Ristar is. He will also attack with a stream of Baracuda, being another great chance to attack. He will also drop Jellyfish Mines into the arena.

After four strikes, he will flop around on the ground, now drained of all water. You must strike him once more to stuff him into a hole, defeating him.