This is the list of all the planet inhabitants:

Planet Flora inhabitants Edit

Elven-like Species - This species is obviously the most intelligent of all on Flora. They are bipedal, they use weapons, craft clothing and have a stable government. They're a very religious race, have magical abilities to control the plants, and run on a government in which the Elder is the leader.

Rabbit-like Species - This species resembles a rabbit, although what would be ears almost seem to be antennae. They live in the explosive spore bushes, and only attack if their space is intruded on. But the player can't jump over them. But some bushes don't have rabbit enemies. But instead of them,they exploding grapes.

Owl-like Species - This species resembles an owl. It has a mask, most likely composed of calcium and phosphorus (like the shells of lobsters and other crustaceans on Earth.) They are extremely territorial and will often attack a possible enemy, using the three crown-like points on their masks in a dive bomb fashion, just for coming near their territory. The male of the species has more of a crown than a mask and is more vicious, the female has an expressionless face to conceal its aggressive nature. But sometimes when past, they will turn around and face their target.

Lizard-like Species - This species behaves in a very peculiar manner. It will sit and wait for something to stroll into its territory, and then it will lash out, wait for a moment and then jump away. It seems to have a one-track mind of attacking and running. But walking under them is easy instead of killing them. But when not killed, they will jump into the bushes. They are only found in the Dark Woods.

Flying Squirrel-like Species - This species closely resembles that of a flying squirrel. It, like many species on Flora, is territorial. It holds explosive seeds of some kind (probably, the ones of the explosive spore bushes) in its folded skin, and will drop them on bypassers. But can be used to hold them and ride on them to different areas. [Just like the bat enemies in American version.]

Bat-like Species - This species closely resembles a bat. It seems to act in the same way as the flying squirrel, but only when the squirrel is not around. It is believed they share the job of protecting their habitat in a rarely seen co-operation symbiosis. But can be used to hold them and ride on them to different areas. [Just like the flying squirrel enemies in Japanese version.]

Armored Tree Snake - This giant snake lives in the hollows of large trees and uses tunnels within the tree to move around and surprise its prey. It will curiously look around before it moves to another hole among the roots of the tree.

Riho - see Riho page.

Palm Tree - This gangly-looking tree is common across Flora. Even though it is thin and twig-like, it can grow numerous spike-like branches on one side, normally on the side the sun hits most. This helps it grow faster than relying on its rather small leafy top.

Explosive Spore Bush - This bush, which is mostly leaf, has very thin branches, making it very easy to walk through. However, the spores contained in the leaves will stick to many things, and will explode after a few moments of being disturbed.

Hovering Flytrap - This plant actually hovers in midair using fast-moving rotor-like leaves. It is Venus Flytrap-like in structure, as it will open and eat anything coming within too close contact.

Giant Seedlings - These giant seedlings resemble many species of plants on Earth, whose seeds use fluff as a parachute to get to different places. These are quite strong and can carry a considerable weight.

Spiked Bush - These plants seem to be cactus-like in structure, except for their obviously much thicker spikes.

Light Tree - This species has a type of bioluminescent substance in its leaves. It can be triggered naturally or with a few knocks on the surface. It emits a soft purple light, leading many to think it uses hydrogen gas as a light 'ingredient'.

Planet Undertow inhabitants Edit

Octopus-like Species - This species resembles the octopus of Earth with one difference - it has very short tentacles. It sits very solemnly, and releases an electric discharge to anything in its territory.

Energy Fish - This species resembling closely an ocean sunfish from Earth has the ability to spew an ‘energy stun ball’ from its mouth. It moves in a lazy pattern, and will only attack if a possible prey is into an area.

Eel-like Species - This species resembles the Earth species of eel. It hides in seaweed and will spring out and instantly attack anything in the area in a swift manner. There is also a more aggressive eel, which has an angry look and must be treated with extreme caution!

Lobster-like Species - This species resembles that of the Earth lobster. It will jump from its dwelling spot and fire some type of energy from its claws at intruders.

Flying Fish-type Species - This species resembles the flying fish of Earth. It will jump from the water to capture possible prey, and often gets beached because of it. They travel in small schools, usually in groups of 8-10.

Seahorse-type Species - This species, resembling a seahorse, is very mysterious. It is mass-produced by some kind of ancient machine, and they all seem to carry the same mind. If the machine is destroyed, they all die. If they are caught out of water, they will dry, harden, and lie dormant until they are once again plunged into the water. It is unknown how long they can lie dormant for.

Frog-type Species - This species resembles the Earth frog. They act similar to the Seahorse-type creatures in the mass production phase. They will spit globlettes of red acid to attack. Certain machines produce frogs of a bitter nature, these seem to be due to a fault in the manufacturing process.

Starfish - These bottom-dwellers are harmless if encountered in water, but if they are out of the water, they will latch onto anything that touches them to try to get back. If they do not get back into water, they dry out and explode! Once latched on, they reduce the jump height of the carrier. They can only be removed by two methods: being shaken off by grabbing a wall or enemy, or getting into some water.

Shell Squids- When they are born, these squids hold a soft shell upon their heads. As they grow, the shell grows bigger and harder and eventually anchors the squid to the floor. This is when it will give birth, had it have been fertilized sometime earlier. The mother will only come from it’s shell if it’s children are attacked. Its shell has a mechanism that will fire spiked balls at enemies.

Spiked Coral - This coral is very sharp, so touching it can be painful. It collects in large groups, so be careful with the ever-changing tides of Undertow, you wouldn't want to be forced onto a bunch of these organisms!

Ohsat - see Ohsat page.

Planet Scorch inhabitants Edit

Mole-like Creatures - These creatures resembling the moles of Earth are hardly seen. To avoid the molten fireballs constantly spewed out by volcanoes they burrow deep underground, sometimes with the aid of exoskeleton armor suits. They are very technologically advanced, and machines clutter the landscape.

Vulture-like Species - This species, resembling that of vultures patrol their territory and capture anyone who enters in their strong talons, and then toss their prey into the flames that often spurt from the ground. Could this creature have developed a taste for cooked meat? We can only assume this is the reasoning behind this odd ritual. They are only found in the Planet Scorch 3-1.

Fire-breathing Tops - These quirky characters can't be told from animal or machine. They float around their area and spew a tongue of fire from their large, cavernous mouths. When they flip upside down they can spew tiny fire balls.

Adahan - see Adahan page.

Planet Sonata inhabitants Edit

Bird-like Species - This species is obviously the dominant one on this planet. They are very varied and diverse, some being big beautiful green birds, others being small brown ones, and some being... rather different (See below). Most of the birds are wonderful singers, singing is mostly 'di's 'du's and 'da's. Others excel in playing musical instruments. Some oddballs actually have no musical ability at all. The Bird-like race is very technologically advanced. From a good viewpoint you can see giant towers and speaker-like structures dotting the landscape.

Operatic Bird - I'm going to be very blunt with you folks; I have no idea what's going on with this one. It looks like an opera singer from the Ride of the Valkyries, that likes practicing ballet with smaller bird dance partners that drop from above it! A very strange inhabitant indeed! She can be of a pompous nature and generally be unsociable.

Honkyhorn - This is another one of those creatures that can't be told from machine or living thing. It seems like a machine that spews dangerous music notes, but its eyes look suspiciously organic... Its music can be painful, so avoid the flat notes it makes. Some are so frustrated at the flat notes they have a scowl on their faces. It's music note can be destroyed. They only appear in the Planet Sonata 4-1.

Orblet Organ - This is another odd creature. It stays anchored in one spot and spits orblets in one direction. They're very machine-like in behavior, but again, you can never be too sure on Sonata.

Awaueck - see Awaueck page.

Planet Freon inhabitants Edit

Young Biped - They can be aggressive and usually don't like outsiders. Still, they are more friendly to the outsiders than the adults. That's because they are more playful, they constantly want to demonstrate their warrior spirit. The youngsters use their shells for protection, as well as to head-butt things. Their main source of weaponry are the explosives, which look like classic black bombs. The youth show their skill at being a warrior by taking part in the contests held in the form of snowball fights, where their shelled helmets of sorts come in very handy.

Adult Warrior Biped - These have more advanced weaponry than the adolescents have. They use parachute bombs which scatter a shock wave of freezing ice. They've also created hovercraft devices, which look plainly like silver saucers that float back and forth. And they use these to easily drop the bombs from a vantage point.

Spiked Slider - It's unknown if these are living organisms or machines, but all they seem to do is slide along the many frozen paths of Freon and generally lead a carefree life. For some reason some have a scowl on their faces. This is not understood why as they are no more aggressive than their more calm-looking comrades.

Ice-droppers - Interesting robots that hover in one place and drop sharp icicles on bypassers. They appear to be mostly, if not all, machine. There are the strange occurrences of some being angry and some being calm in their appearance. These creatures seem to have pistons on both sides constantly moving in and out. It is not known if this is how it hovers (using electro-magnetism) or if this is how it is compressing the moisture in the air for the icicles!

Golden Salmon - These fish live in the warmer parts of Freon and are normally docile. They may attack if they are in danger, but generally, they are not regarded as much of a threat. They have incredibly powerful muscles and they can move along the fastest of currents, they can even swim up the waterfalls!

Spitting Anemones - Tiny animals that sit anchored to the underwater floor or near the surface and spew small explosive spiked balls. Not a huge threat, but a threat none the less.

Blowfish - It's dangerous to come close to these spiked fish, for they will chase anything entering their territory with speed and force. Also, their spikes protect them from any harm at all. It's said they will only give chase if they see a intruder in their small window of vision. When they lose their target, they look around trying to lock on to them again...

Itamor - see Itamor page.

Planet Automaton inhabitants Edit

Coil Worm - This robot moves along the ground by flipping its body over and over like a slinky. It will occasionally stop and sit on one side to fire multitude of energy blasts straight up, so they drop around the area. When hit, it will spit into two smaller forms, both of which act the same as the original.

Mace-handed Robot - This robot is very scarecrow-like in nature, and will shift its weight from left to right to lift and drop its spike-ball hands, blocking the way.

Blaster Scout - This speedy little creature will appear and hover in the air for a couple of seconds, investigating the area and locating possible target with built-in camera, and then fly away. A second later it will suddenly return, zip by, fire three plasma beams and then speed off again, only to repeat the process over and over.

Heli-bot - This odd little 'bot will hover from side to side, and can be held onto to ride around on. It seems to serve no other purpose and is incapable of attacking.

Shelled Robot - This armored creature is more than meets the eye. While at first it sluggishly floats around, after its armor is hit off, it reveals the spring-like inner body that bounces around the room.

Missile Launcher - This mobile turret will fire missles (which can be grabbed and thrown) from a vantage point. If the barrel is damaged, it will blindly skitter around in an attempt to attack.

Needle-handed Guard - This bulky guard has an armor so strong it cannot be defeated by normal means. Hits will only cause it to recoil and fire one of its needle-like hands. However, its back is quite weak, so if you can make it recoil on some sort of obstacle (like a wall, for example), you will destroy the Guard.

Uranim - see Uranim page.

Inonis - see Inonis page.

Castle Greedy Edit

Black Orbs - see Black Orbs page

Orblets - see Orblets page

Inonis - see Inonis page.

Greedy - see Greedy page.

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