Kaiser Greedy
Greedy image
A in-game sprite of Kaiser Greedy himself
Vital statistics
Title Kaiser Greedy
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Faction Unknown
Health 10
Level Unknown
Status Final Boss
Location Greedy's Castle

Kaiser Greedy is the final boss of the game Ristar.


Kaiser Greedy is a power hungry dictator, responsible for all the bad things that happened on the six planets.

He has a legion of followers he had do his bidding: Riho, Ohsat, Adahan, Awaueck, Itamor, Uranim, Inonis, Sleepy, Insomnis, Time Hopper, a slew of Orblets and a slew of Black Orbs.


He is the main villain and final boss of the game. He attacks Ristar with black orbs, lasers and artificial black holes with just a flick of a finger.


When he is in reach, attack him. After five hits, he will use artifical black holes and you must grab onto a nearby enemy to stay put and avoid dying inside the black hole. After ten hits, he is done for and the game is won, finally showing the ending cutscene and credits.

Trivia Edit

  • Greedy and Inonis are possibly of the same species, since some parts of their bodies seem familar.
  • Uranim's design seems to be based off Greedy.
  • It's unknown who exactly created the Black Orbs; Although Greedy had a major part in the development of the brainwashing technology, Inonis had a part in the development too.
  • It's possible that Kaiser will return since he, Inonis, and Uranim escaped Castle Greedy.
  • The Black Hole attack uses the same sound effect from Sonic 3 & Knuckles for a super transformation.
  • His battle theme is titled "Greedy Game".