Itamor image
A sprite of Itamor eating.
Vital statistics
Title Itamor
Gender Male
Race Ice monster/Cat
Faction Unknown
Health 4
Level Last Level of Planet Freon/Elykiki
Status Boss
Location Planet Freon/Elykiki

Itamor is a boss in the game Ristar.


Itamor appears on a ice castle of some sort. He jumps from there, lands and begins munching on his Ice Carrot, attacking Ristar a few times.


He is the 5th boss you encounter. He is the boss of Planet Freon.


During the beginning, the Freon Kid

Freon Kid

Ristar has previously beat in a snowball fight returns to help Ristar defeat Itamor with his one weakness, Hot Soup



Once Itamor opens his mouth, throw the soup Freon Kid gives to you inside, provided you have it in your hands.

After downing four soups, Itamor will vomit a slew of Black Orbs. From there, just attack him to knock him back onto his island.


  • In the Japanese version, Itamor is a giant mechanical cat. It is unknown why he was changed in the other releases to a monster.
  • Itamor2
  • This was a pun on the Japanese term "nekojita", meaning "cat tongue", a word describing a person who dislikes spicy/hot food, which is a nod to his weakness.
  • Itamor is probably brainwashed because he ate some black orbs and later vomited them up.