Eyebar - 555
Eyebar - 555 image
A sprite of Eyebar - 555
Vital statistics
Title Eyebar - 555
Gender N/A
Race Unknown
Faction Unknown
Health 5
Level Unknown
Status Penultimate Boss
Location Greedy's Castle

Eyebar - 555 is a huge combat vehicle made by Inonis in the game Ristar.


Eyebar was built by Inonis to fight off intruders in case of an invasion. Outfitted with an unbelievable array of weapons and unlimited ammunition, Eyebar is ready to take on all comers. However, it was not fully tested. As a hasty decision by Inonis, he decided to use Eyebar in the fight despite not being fully ready.


Eyebar appears in the 7th level, Castle Greedy, as the penultimate boss. It is piloted by Inonis.


Inonis outfitted Eyebar with a machine gun, boomerang, lazer, shield and homing bullets. However, the flaw is that his eye, the device that "powers" Eyebar, needs to be fixed very often which gives Ristar a chance to attack. Five strikes at the machine is good enough to bring it down.