Awaueck image
A sprite of Awaueck singing.
Vital statistics
Title Awaueck
Gender Male
Race Bird
Faction Unknown
Health 8
Level End of Planet Sonata/Neuos
Status Boss
Location Planet Sonata/Neuos

Awaueck is a boss in the game Ristar.


Awaueck appears and attacks a brown bird during his song. This is the same brown bird found in the Sound Test settings.


Awaueck is a bird, but unlike most other birds, he cannot sing well. In fact, his singing is so bad, his music notes fall to the ground and cause the background to shimmer.


Awaueck must first be knocked off of the podium by knocking yourself into it three times. Once knocked off, he will attack by divebombing, falling down and dropping big, white feathers. The music notes as he sings can cause damage, and to add to the difficulty, every time you hit the stand to try to knock him down, parts of the ceiling will drop down and can cause damage as well. Ceiling bits also drop after he divebombs. The ceiling bits can often cause deaths that seem random at first until you realize, so it's important to try to notice them and avoid them as much as possible.

Once attacked twice, he will bump the brown bird off and begin singing again. Six hits is enough to put him down.