Adahan image
Adahan in Battle Armour
Vital statistics
Title Adahan
Gender Male
Race Mole Species
Faction Unknown
Health 6
Level Planet Scorch
Status Boss
Location Planet Scourch/Onaclove (Sega Genesis version)

Planet Greedy (Game Gear version)

Adahan is an enemy in Ristar.


Adahan is a small representitive of the Mole Civilization. One day, when he was mining, he was captured and possessed by Greedy. Now, he is in a huge mining armour and attacks Ristar when he appears in the boss stage by drilling or lunging at him.


He is the third boss encountered. He is on Planet Scorch. On the Game Gear version, however, he is the first boss of Castle Greedy on the elevator.



Adahan's True Form

He will drill, shoot dust waves and claw you down. After two to five hits, he will destroy the ground, causing Ristar to engage in a freefall battle with Adahan, where he must strike him to land on solid ground and continue the battle while also avoiding his lunges. On the bright side, the lunges can actually give you an advantage, as you can strike him and hit him if you aim carefully. After six hits, Adahan's armour is removed, showing what he really looks like. He will continue to attack using a smaller dust wave attack, which humorously gives no damage whatsoever. From there, one hit will be enough to take him down.